The Parrots & The Freaking Parrot  

 To be consistent with the Parrotphernalia   let's start upside down so The Nest


The Freaking Parrot is a station of upbeat Handcrafted ARTessories made by Indigenous Communities from Colombia [to begin with our roots!] and artisans with rowdy talents.

So our creatures come straight from the sources • are fairtrade  • they give back to the Community • they have an overdose of vibrant tropical rowdy colours • joy committed • The Parrot is powered by women! 


 Our Tropical Station embraces co-creation and fair trade transactions, a must giving-back to the communities/providers through education. Our Partnership with an NGO in Colombian is due to be announced!

The [Freaking] Parrot


Hola!, I am Maritza.
A creative wanderer from Colombia, living in Brooklyn.
Visual artist and intuitive graphic designer. I love handmade pieces and bagels, coffee addicted and dog lover by definition.
🌴I collect objects | I take random shots | also .. handcrafted Obsessed | Travel ❤️
Co- Parrots
The Silver Parrots
In this entrepreneurship journey, our fluffy support team deserves infinite gratitude to keep the parrot spirit up, upside down and savagely colourful.
Thanks to our families for the unconditional support!
Monica & Ruben, Mario & Gladys, Nico, Astro, Cris and Irina, Devon, Leah and Ariel, Luz Delia, Millie, Julie, Natalia, Andrea, Sara, Maribel, Rosalia, Alexander, KT, Bill, Hannah, Sue, Frankie, Jack, Ricardo, Nadia, and Jesse from BK ... and the rest of Parrotlievers to come!
* For more information on Provenance of our Products, Indigenous, artisans and our wingy plans please check our blog out!